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Semi Permanent Make-up

With Digital Machine



Powder Brows - Creating a powdery ‘pencilled in’ effect. Perfect for. More defined look and making the brows a more prominent feature of the face. This look can be soft and powdery or more intense as the client desires. (Ideal for oily skin) £225 (2 part treatment - can be paid in instalments)


combination brows.jpeg

Combination Brows - Hair strokes are created in the bulb of the brow graduating into the powdered effect through to the tail of the brow. This effect creates a more natural healed effect.  (Not suitable for oily skin types.) 



Lip Blush 1.jpg

Lip Blush - This look is ideal for clients who wish to define their Vermillion Lip Border. Lip Blush is a softer alternative to lip liner which can look a little harsh on its own. Lip Blush gives a soft ombre appearance, graduating and blending the lip line pigment into the body of the lip. 


Full colour Lip Tint - This look offers clients a full lipstick / lip stain effect. The whole area of the lip is implanted with pigment. 



Top & Bottom Eyeliner - Ebony Black pigment is implanted through the top and bottom lash line creating definition to the eyes. 


top eyeliner only.jpg

Top Eyeliner - Ebony Black pigment is implanted through the top lash line only creating definition to the eyes. This can create a more youthful look to the eye.


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