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Semi Permanent 


Who is Permanent Makeup suitable for?
* People with busy lifestyles and little time
* People who suffer from Alopecia
* People who experience allergic reactions to conventional      makeup 
* Anyone who desires freedom from conventional makeup
* Athletes and swimmers
* People who have sparse and over plucked brows
* People who seek a correction of their facial features
* People who wish to look their best at all times 


Gorgeous combination brows for this clie

Powder Brows - Creating a powdery ‘pencilled in’ effect. Perfect for. More defined look and making the brows a more prominent feature of the face. This look can be soft and powdery or more intense as the client desires. (Ideal for oily skin) £225 (2 part treatment - can be paid in instalments)
OMBRE BROWS - Similar to a powder brow the brow is defined from the tail through the body of the brow. The bulb of the brow is fainter and graduated into the body of the brow creating a seamless blend. This is a soft style and is ideal for eyes that are close set. £225 (2 part treatment - can be paid in instalments)


Classic Eyeliner

classic eyeliner.jpg

Classic Eyeliner - Shading through the lashes and slightly above to create an eyeliner effect that defines the eyes. This can be requested on just the top or bottom eyelids or both together. 
Top & Bottom liner £200 (2 treatments required)
Top only £85 



These lips today ❤️ 😍#lipenvy #lipblush

Lip Blush - A lip liner that is softened, and colour flushed through the lips in an ombré effect. The lightest part of the lips being at the centre. £230 (2 part treatment - can be paid in instalments)

Full Lip Colour - A full lip shading to replicate more of a made up lipstick effect. £250 (2 part treatment can be paid in instalments)