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Russian Volume     £65

Bespoke handmade fans from 2D – 6D in 0.03 – 0.07 thickness. We use synthetic Mink, Silk and Velvet lashes allowing us to create your desired look. Clients can choose from a variety of curls in C, CC, LC and D curl. 

2D-3D Volume fans create a more subtle volume effect and 4D – 6D + created a denser lash line for a more dramatic look. 

Hybrid lashes.jpg

Hybrid   £55

Hybrid lashes are created by combining Volume and Individual lashes together. This can create a more natural lash line and is ideal for clients that would like lashes a bit more dramatic than Classic lashes but not as fluffy and full as volume. 


Classic Individual     £45

Individual eyelash extensions in Ellipse Black  0.15- 0.20 thickness. 

Each individual extension is applied to each natural lash closely following the shape of your natural lashes for the best natural effect. 

Clients can choose from a C, CC, D, L or M curl and choose from a variety of styles that will best suit their eye shape. 

Infills are charged at £40 for a 1.5 hour appointment and £45 for a two hour appointment. 

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are available in three main styles. Russian Volume, Hybrid and Classic Individual. All lash styles are created to enhance and suit your natural eye shape and volume fans are lovingly handmade to ensure the correct weight and lengths are applied. With correct application you can enjoy ongoing wear of lash extensions without causing damage to your natural lashes. 


Eyelash Extensions

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