Anti Wrinkle Injections
& Dermal Fillers

What are anti wrinkle injections?

Anti wrinkle injections are a solution injected into the facial muscles of the client.

The solution is a protein made from Botulinum toxin, which the bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces.

This is the same toxin that causes botulism. Anti wrinkle injections are a toxin, but when doctors use it correctly and in small doses, it can have benefits.

It has both cosmetic and medical uses.

Doctor Agniva Banerjee 
Registered with the General Medical Council 

What are Anti Wrinkle Injections used for?

As we age, due to loss of skin elasticity, volume loss and sun damage, wrinkles appear on our face. The shadows that these lines create give us a tired and aged look.


Anti-wrinkle injections offer a non-surgical treatment for clients who want to reduce or eliminate these lines.

This is achieved by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin and preventing the creation of the dynamic lines.

Our Aesthetic doctor Dr Agniva is experienced in helping clients erase years off their age by injecting Botoxalin to the areas of concern. 


He also uses Dermal Fillers where recommended to assist in shadow reduction that deeper lines may create. This adds natural volume back into areas that it may have depleted in collagen. 

Do Anti Wrinkle Injections hurt?

Not really.

The client will feel a small scratch at the site of each injection but the procedure is painless. We use the best needles on the medical market that are hair thickness in width offering minimal discomfort to the client. 

What areas can I have treated?

Basic Anti wrinkle injections are concentrated around the upper face. Forehead, elevens (top of the nose and centre of the brows) and crows feet lines are the most commonly requested areas for treatment. These areas are classified as 3 areas of treatment. 

However, as we progress further into ageing it is important to ensure the clients facial contours are equally balanced and that the upper face matches the lower face. 

Advanced Anti wrinkle injections can be administered to regions of the lower face to correct or improve pebbled chin (dimples that appear on the chin), downward turning mouth, Lip flip (creates a slightly lifted top lip) Nefertiti Lift (this can help with contouring the jawline and improving the jowels as well as reducing the appearance of vertical neck bands)

Areas that can be treated with Muscle relaxing/anti wrinkle injections:

Forehead lines
Frown lines
Crowfeet lines
Eyebrow lifting and Foxy eyes
Sagging corners of the mouth
Gummy smile
Smokers lines
Neck lines
Excessive sweating from armpit, hands and feet.

Will I have frozen facial expressions?

Not if you don't want this appearance! 

Most clients ask for a reduction in their wrinkles in which case we treat the area light handedly and inject smaller quantities. 

However some clients prefer the 'smooth' look and would like their forehead to not be able to move after treatment. 

The look you would like to achieve is entirely personal and you may discuss your requirements and any concerns you have during your consultation. 

How much does it cost?