At The Lash & Beauty Clinic, I am passionate about my clients physical and mental wellbeing 

I believe that a client treatment should allow them to feel the best version of themselves and treatments should only enhance their natural beauty and restore what time has taken away from them. I do not believe in creating a caricatured version of my clients.

It is important for the client to look and feel their best as what we see in the mirror influences our emotions about ourselves.

If we are feeling up beat and positive about our appearance we can feel confident and that confidence leads to attracting positivity in life leading to huge benefits on our mental health. 


Our treatments have been selected because they are heavily results driven and in return and have generated exceptional client satisfaction. 

I have been trained to a high standard by aesthetic nurses and Doctors specialising in the aesthetics field. I operate in a safe and legal manner and only use medical grade prescribed products following a consultation to access your suitability. For your safety there is a huge importance of using properly trained technicians that only administer UK approved products by a UK doctor prescriber. 

Treatments I offer include; Fat Dissolve, Profhilo and Anti Wrinkle (muscle relaxing) injections. These work extremely well together in sculpting, re defining and improving overall skin condition to the area treated. 

I also offer Vitamin B12 injections due to its huge benefits for those suffering from symptoms of a low intake or a deficiency,

Further detailed information is located on the relevant treatment heading above. 





Vitamin B12 Injection    

£45 p/injection

£150 course of 4 injections 

(Recommended to have fortnightly injections for a course of 4 treatments. Then a booster is only required once every 3 months. 

Profhilo injections    

£400 x2 treatments. (Two treatments are mandatory 4 weeks apart.) 

£300 per maintenance treatment (only one treatment required every 6 months *recommended*). 

Fat Dissolve injections (Aqualyx)  

£280 per treatment small size area

£330 per treatment medium size area

£420 per treatment large size area

Course of 3 treatments (Aqualyx)

£600 small area

£750 medium area

£875 large area